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How to use colored stainless steel sheet?

Back to list source: Release date: 2022-11-18 09:49:00
Colored stainless steel sheet means that the surface color is colored, there are various colored surfaces such as gold, rose gold, black, blue, etc. It is used for interior wall decoration, and can also be used for processing into lines, profiles for wire-receiving decorative lines, etc. It can also be processed into door frames and window frames for edging, which can safely fix glass and decorative effects.
gold mirror stainless steel decorative sheet rose gold mirror stainless steel decorative sheet

In addition to the color, the surface of the colored stainless steel decorative sheet has various textures and mirror effects on the surface, which makes the application more outstanding, more attractive, and the decorative effect is more distinctive. The surface of the colored stainless steel sheet generally has various processes such as brushed surface, hairline sand, mirror surface, 10K, sandblasting, concave-convex surface, corrugated surface, etc. The designer can also provide various texture schemes for customized processing, such as the pattern of elevator door panels, wall panels The desired pattern, etc., can be customized.
Therefore, colored stainless steel sheets are widely used. Generally, in interior decoration, designers will design according to the interior style effect and use colored stainless steel sheets for local decoration to achieve the final design effect.
gold SS interior application gold SS interior application
The application of golden stainless steel mirror sheet is more common, generally every hotel uses it, glass doors, windows, walls, pillars, banquet halls, walkways, elevators, all use golden mirror stainless steel decorative sheets. In the production of our factory, the production of golden mirror stainless steel decorative sheet accounts for more than 50-60% of the total color stainless steel sheet, so its weight is very large in practical application. This is followed by rose gold, black, grey, bronze, blue, etc.
gold SS decorative profile rose gold SS decorative profile
Therefore, colored stainless steel decorative sheets are widely used in practical applications, and the application schemes are also diversified. With the extension and development of creativity, the future use will be more attractive to the public and enter the field of home and personalized space.
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