304 stainless steel mirror sheet / pvd sheet

304 stainless steel mirror sheet

304 stainless steel mirror decorative sheet

This is a high-quality super mirror stainless steel decorative sheet, using high-quality raw materials, after many polishing processes to present a high-transparent and clear mirror effect, suitable for high-end elevator cabinet wall and interior decoration wall applications.

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304 stainless steel decorative sheet


304 stainless steel mirror decorative sheet

304/ 201/ 316L

Thickness 0.3-3.0MM
Size 1000*2000MM/ 1219*2438MM/1219*3050MM
Surface finish        8K/Etched/Mirror/Brushed

1 Ton / 50 sheets

Origin Pocso/ Tisco/ Lisco/ Jisco/ Bao steel/ H Wang
Patterns  Sheet
Surface Color Gold/ Rose Gold/ Blue/ Black/ Green/ Pink/ gray/ copper/ Bronze
Surface Protective Film

70 Micro Laser PE/Fish head PE/ Black & White PE/PVC

Sticker Neutral Sticker
Lead time Depends on the size of the order. Normally within 10-15 days.

Standard export packing, each weight around 2 Metric tons,

selective in different packing types

 Payment Terms  T/T or L/C, TT is preferred

For decorative purpose where requires beauty and strength. 

such as decorative trims, doors, cabinets, etc.,

Preshipment inspection Optional ( SGS / BV / ... )

Available according to the request.

Kindly reminds Do not exposed under the sun, for interior use only.

Mild glue for attachement.

Cold tig welding.

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Chemical Compositions
Grade  GB 201 SUS304 SUS316 SUS430
Elong ( 10% ) 50-60 Above 40 30Min Above 22
Hardness HRB100, HV230 ≤200HV ≤200HV Below 200
Cr ( % ) 16-18% 18-20% 16-18% 16-18%
Ni ( % ) 0.5-1.5% 8-11% 10-14% ≤0.6%
C ( % ) ≤0.15% ≤0.08 ≤0.07% ≤0.12%


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