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How are colored stainless steel tubes/pipe produced?

Back to list source: Release date: 2021-06-27 20:59:48
Colored stainless steel tube is the color generated by PVD plating after ordinary stainless steel tube surface treatment, called color stainless steel tube, also called stainless steel decorative tube.
colored SS decorative tube/pipe colored SS decorative tube/pipe
The production process of colored stainless steel pipes is divided into the following steps:
The first step is to cut the stainless steel sheet into strips for use. The width of the strips is determined by the size of the tube. The larger the tube diameter, the larger the width.
In the second step, the stainless steel bar is automatically welded seamlessly and formed into a round or square tube. The raw product will also be polished for welding.
The third step is to process the surface brightness of the steel pipe to achieve the required surface effect. If you need a mirror-like surface, you need to repeatedly polish it to achieve the same bright surface as a steel pipe sold in the ordinary market.
In the fourth step, the ordinary steel pipe will be treated with glossiness on the surface, cleaned by professional surface syrup, and put into a vacuum electroplating furnace after being brightened. After more than ten minutes of heating and electroplating chemical ion reaction process, the steel pipe will be heated. A thin layer of color coating is formed on the surface. This is what we call PVD electroplating. As the cost dictates, the longer the electroplating time, the thicker the electroplating coating thickness, the better the quality, and the higher the cost. , On the contrary, the quality is a little bit worse. This is what we often say you get what you pay for. Good quality naturally has its value.
colored SS decorative tube/pipe SS decorative tube/pipe
After this analysis, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding and understanding of colored stainless steel tubes. The price of colored stainless steel tubes is related to the size of the tube and the length of the tube. The larger the tube, the higher the cost of plating and the longer the tube. The cost of coloring also increases, and the number of tubes will also determine the cost of coloring. The more the number of tubes, the lower the cost of sub-beaching, and vice versa. So when you place an order, why is the price less expensive? More expensive.
white mirror SS tube/pipe
Well, about the production and principle of colored stainless steel pipes are introduced here. Friends who want to know more about colored stainless steel sheets and products, please continue to pay attention to CBSA International, you will get more product information.
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