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What is a stainless steel coated sheet?

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Stainless steel film-covered panels are also called indoor wall metal decorative sheets, which are used for wall decoration in hotel homes and offices.
Stainless steel wood grain and stone grain series boards are also called stainless steel film-covered panels, which are coated with a layer of film on the stainless steel substrate. The stainless steel film-covered sheet has bright luster, a wide variety of colors to choose from, is waterproof, fireproof, has excellent durability (weather resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance) and anti-fouling ability. Different brands of stainless steel film-covered panels have different substrate materials and thicknesses, as well as different film materials and thicknesses.
What is a stainless steel coated sheet?What is a stainless steel coated sheet?
pvc SS sheet
The structure and characteristics of film-covered panels

1. The brightly colored laminated ceiling is made of color-coated metal plate as the base material, imported PET phantom color film, and coated with a special adhesive on the surface of the plate.

2. PET Symphony Film is currently the world's leading new green environmental protection product. It has excellent durability (weather resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance), anti-fouling, UV protection and other superior properties.    Laminating is a physical process in which layers of aluminum plates are laminated through high temperature and high pressure.

Advantages of film faced board

1. Anti-smoke: It is made of PVC high-gloss film, easy to clean.

2. Wear resistance: unique PET layer, sturdy and durable.

3. Anti-moisture: The surface is covered with a film, which reduces the direct contact between water and aluminum, and has strong durability.

4. Good touch: There is a layer of film on the surface, and the touch is smooth, which changes the cold and single feeling of the metal material.

5. Many designs and colors: a variety of colors to choose from.

6. Moderate price and good price/performance ratio.

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