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What is the production of colored stainless steel plates?

Back to list source: Release date: 2023-02-20 22:15:41
Regarding colored stainless steel plates, many people know little about his coloring methods, and even don't know much about the production and processing of stainless steel plates. If you want to distinguish how good the stainless steel plate is, how to make better use of its role, so as to apply the stainless steel plate to its suitable place. So let's take a look at the production process of colored stainless steel plates!
rose gold mirror stainless steel sheet pvd mirror stainless steel sheet
The first is the coloring of stainless steel color plates: now stainless steel plates are colored by electroplating or water plating. Let’s talk about electroplating and coloring first. Vacuum electroplating is used for electroplating and coloring. The stainless steel plate is sent into the coloring furnace, and the metal ions are emitted to the stainless steel plate by vacuuming, inflating, and ionizing the titanium target to form a layer of color coating on the surface. . Many stainless steel colors can be produced by vacuum plating. But the cost of production will be more expensive than water plating and coloring.
pvd gold mirror stainless steel sheet  color stainless steel sheet
The second is water plating and coloring: water electroplating belongs to chemical coloring. After electrolyzing the cleaned stainless steel plate, chemical liquids such as chromic anhydride and sulfuric acid enter the pool, and chemical reactions occur with these liquids on the surface of the stainless steel plate to finally get black. coating. At present, in addition to copper plating and black plating, water plating is also used. Other common stainless steel color plates still choose electroplating and coloring.
In general, a protective film will be attached to the surface of the colored stainless steel plate to ensure the gloss of the surface and prevent it from being scratched by hard objects. It can also effectively prevent scratches during transportation. The outer protective film is also a very important point. If a poor-quality protective film is placed for a long time, the protective film will be powdery and difficult to tear, or a large amount of glue will stick to the surface after tearing. So the protective film should also pay attention.
Water-plated copper stainless steel plate etched stainless steel bronze sheet
Of course, the above are only the most common methods of coloring on stainless steel color plates, and there are other less popular methods. Welcome to consult CBSA professionals to learn more, including spraying, nano-coloring, etc.
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