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Should pay attention to when buying stainless steel decorative sheet?

Back to list source: Release date: 2021-01-17 20:39:53
Stainless steel products are more and more widely used. When processing these products, stainless steel pipes and stainless steel platesare often used. The use of stainless steel plates is relatively large, and with the increase of people's needs, the colors become more and more abundant, so what is the focus of buying colored stainless steel sheets?

Should pay attention to when buying stainless steel decorative sheet?

Key 1: Observe the metal surface. Since colored stainless steel plates are mainly used for architectural decoration, the decorative appearance is particularly important. When consumers inspect products, they must strictly check whether there are problems such as color difference, scratches, trachoma, and surface watermark falling off.

Key 2: Determine the surface coloring process. The stainless steel surface coloring process will affect the price. Water electroplating color: It gives people an unreal and imprecise feeling, just like spraying, it will also cause wastewater pollution, and the price is lower. Vacuum plating coloring: relatively environmentally friendly, no toxic or polluting substances are produced, so the price is relatively high.

Key point 3: The quality of the protective film of the stainless steel plate. A protective film is usually attached to the surface of the colored stainless steel plate to ensure the smoothness of the surface and avoid being scratched by hard objects. If a poor quality protective film is placed for a long time, it will appear powdery and difficult to tear, or a lot of glue will stick to the surface after tearing. During the inspection, it is recommended to tear a larger area to check the quality of the film.

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