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Why are etched colored stainless steel sheet popular?

Back to list source: Release date: 2023-10-27 10:39:04
When understanding why a product is popular, we need to understand what characteristics the product has and what kind of process it is made of.
colored stainless steel decorative sheet
Conceptually speaking, etching is the use of photosensitive chemical technology. Precision machining on the surface of metal products. The specific process is to coat the surface of the metal with photosensitive material. Then the stainless steel surface is etched with the pattern we want through the corrosiveness of light.
color stainless steel sheet
This process stands out among the few technologies available. Adding colorful patterns and artistic effects to the stainless steel surface. Then, through electroplating and coloring, the stainless steel surface is made more exciting and diverse. Designers can get more use in indoor applications and make the interior space more beautiful.
etching stainless steel application color stainless steel application
Many commercial fields, KTV bars, hotel indoor lobbies, etc. use these color-etched stainless steel for decorative applications, attracting more consumers to come and watch and consume. Therefore, the application of colored stainless steel is more extensive and popular. It has become one of the materials of choice for designers.
mirror stainless steel sheet etching stainless steel sheet
Colored stainless steel materials are not only bright in color, but also of good quality, durable and radiation-proof. Reduce the damage to the human body during application. It is a good material that is completely safe. If you want to know more about new technologies and new products of colored stainless steel. Please follow CBSA International. You will get more innovative information.
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