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Indoor application effect of colored water ripple stainless steel

Back to list source: Release date: 2023-05-21 15:14:43
You have seen many colored stainless steel, but the surface has the application effect of water ripple mirror reflection, have you seen it, please see the application picture, it is decorated in the indoor ceiling, including hotels, KTV bars, high-end clubs, banquet halls, furniture space etc., has become an important material for modern fashion decoration.
embossing SS application in interior  embossing SS application in interior
Colored corrugated stainless steel decorative sheet, that is, colored stainless steel decorative sheet, has been embossed to make the surface have an uneven effect, refract light and shadow from various angles, and make the indoor space brighter, wider, and have a stronger sense of visual space. Better meet design requirements.
colored water ripple SS interior application colored water ripple SS interior application
Colored corrugated stainless steel mirror decorative sheet is currently widely used. Hong Kong designers also have high requirements for the design of this material. They customize it as a standard module, which is also similar to the specifications of ceramic tiles or suspended ceilings. The ceiling keel is very convenient to install and can be installed by general construction teams. There is also a special customized plan, which is customized according to the design requirements of the interior space, so that the application effect is more creative and attracts more customers to visit.
colored water ripple SS interior application 
The principle of water ripple is actually very simple, but it is very challenging for designers to apply it. If it is not used well, it will affect the effect of the entire design. Many designers will check the information for reference applications, especially the works of Hong Kong designers, which are worth your reference. , If you want to know more about the application effect and latest products of colored water ripple stainless steel, you can pay attention to CBSA International, and you will get the latest information on similar products.
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