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How designers and buyers customize high-quality stainless steel screens.

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For designers, the choice of appearance design must be beautiful.Only in this way can the aesthetic feeling of the design be reflected.For purchasers, both quality and price are concerned. Ensure that the requirements and final effect of the design are met.
Colored stainless steel screens and hotel partitions.There are many differences in the production process.Prices vary greatly depending on the process. There will be a big difference.Therefore, designers or purchasers need to have certain purchasing requirements for suppliers.Ensure that the purchased products meet the original design requirements.
stainless steel screen application hotel application for SS screen
So let's analyze the production process of stainless steel screen.When you understand these processes and manufacturing methods, you will know how to purchase. What are the requirements for the manufacturer?
The stainless steel screen has a variety of colors. Different colors may be made in different ways. Some are vacuum plated.Some of them are water-plated copper color, which is the old color.Some are colored with nano paint.The prices of different coloring processes are also very different.The requirements for use also have different effects.For example, we use it indoors, and the above production colors can be used.If you use it outdoors, you will be affected by all kinds of weather.A more durable coloring process is required.Uch as the use of outdoor nano-coated paints.It can resist high temperature, ultraviolet rays and wind and rain.If you use water-plated copper, the color can not be used outdoors.Vacuum plating is also not suitable for outdoor use.This is the difference in the coloring process.
colored SS screen and hotel partition application colored SS screen and hotel partition application
Stainless steel screens are also different in the production process.For example, the thickness of the material chosen.The choice is 201 or 304, 316, and the price is also very different.Then the production process is also very different.For example, the central part of the screen is composed of welding.Some of them are cut by laser.These two processes also determine the difference in price.Laser cutting is used, which is expensive.Welded splices are used.It needs to be polished, which increases the cost of labor.If the worker's skill is not good, there will be many defects.This is also very different from the price.The price of highly skilled masters is relatively high. The quality is well done.
The frame technology of stainless steel screen also has many processes.Some of them are made of steel pipes.This is the roughest product.Generally, those with better quality are made of steel plates by bending, cutting and welding.Grind and polish. So that you can't see the welding defects.Some of them are of lower quality and price, and are spliced by spot welding.This can be done by ordinary workers only.There is no process difficulty. The appearance of the product looks rough and unsightly.So the price is relatively low.
stainless steel screen local details stainless steel screen laser cutting integration
At this point, you should know how to distinguish the quality of stainless steel screen.You can ask the manufacturer for details in the procurement process.Achieve the product effect you want.When many buyers compare prices.He was misled by some bad manufacturers because he did not understand the production process.As a result, the delivered products are not in line with the original communication value.Therefore, designers or purchasers should know more about the process performance of products in order to purchase more satisfactory products.At the same time, it is also very important to select qualified manufacturers.There are many manufacturers that do not have high quality production.
Local sample confirmation of the and stainless steel combine application
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