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The origin of golden stainless steel luxury furniture

Back to list source: Release date: 2022-11-29 10:28:56
   Golden stainless steel furniture has actually been developed for more than 20 years. It was originally created by a famous Hong Kong designer. At that time, a Hong Kong designer participated in the bidding for a hotel project. The designers in the audience thought it was impossible, but half a year later, everyone was dumbfounded, and the creation became a reality. In this way, golden stainless steel furniture began to be hot rod by designers, and until now, it is still one of the important elements of designers' creation.
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         So, how is golden stainless steel furniture generated? For designers, design is not a problem, the key is the production process. We must know that in the manufacturing industry at that time, such products could not be produced at all, especially colored stainless steel. The appearance of colored stainless steel began in 2006, which is just the beginning. But not yet mass-produced. It's 2022, that is, when it was 2002, the designer's work appeared. So at that time it was impossible to rely on industrial production, that is, in the laboratory, purely by hand. At that time, stainless steel only had the concept of white steel, and no one could imagine colored stainless steel products. Today, we are so lucky that colored stainless steel is everywhere. The development of the new era allows everyone to enjoy different levels of life experience.
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         When it comes to golden stainless steel furniture, I have to say the emergence of colored stainless steel. I remember that we were engaged in the stainless steel industry and thought that the earliest contact was in 2008, when we started to produce the simplest colored stainless steel sheets. It's already a great thing to come out, everyone is lining up to buy, waiting in line for production, and the supply is in short supply.
         From the appearance of colored stainless steel, there are various surface colors and textures. After more than ten years of development, Foshan, Guangdong has become a mature colored stainless steel industry cluster, which originated here.
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         98% of the colored stainless steel furniture we have seen or encountered are from Foshan, Guangdong. CBSA International took the lead in becoming a professional manufacturer of colored stainless steel decorative sheets in Foshan. Stainless steel has developed rapidly, with rich surface designs, bright colors and customizable. To this end, we have the production advantages of the whole process industry chain, including color stainless steel sheets, interior decoration screen partitions, decorative profiles, hotel decoration furniture and other products. The products have been produced from the original hand-made production to the automated production, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved. Products also transition from simple furniture to customizable high-end luxury furniture.
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