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How to purchase the desired product at the lowest cost?

Back to list source: Release date: 2023-06-14 15:53:04
Many people have misunderstandings about procurement. Procurement is actually a scientific method, a reasonable and effective method, which will help you reduce procurement costs and improve work efficiency.
For colored stainless steel products, procurement is not an easy task. Since colored stainless steel products are customized products, they have a production cycle and do not have any inventory, so purchasing requires relevant preparations and plans in order to compete with the market. in order to obtain greater advantages.
For general procurement, it is actually very easy, but for customized products, you must plan well, especially for overseas customers, you must consider transportation time, production time, and cycle costs.
SS wedding chair SS wedding chair
How can we purchase colored stainless steel products at the lowest cost? Here I would like to share with you some experience of cost traders, hoping to inspire you. If you are in India, you need to go to China to purchase high-end stainless steel furniture for resale, such as the products shown below. The general practice is that you will purchase as many products as the customer needs. This most common method is no longer available in the current Internet age. It has no competitiveness. This is the most traditional way of reselling. To say that you are not competitive means that you do not have the advantage of price competition. If our customer wants 200 wedding chairs, you go to the supplier to buy 200 chairs, and the supplier will ship you 200 chairs at the factory price. This is a normal transaction method. If you ship the goods to the local area, you need transportation and time costs. When you arrive locally, the total cost of your product is equal to the product cost plus quantity plus transportation cost, and then you add a little profit to sell it to your customers. This is nothing more than normal, right? But you are not competitive locally, your price is no longer competitive, and your tracking and procurement costs are high. That is to say, your purchase quantity and shipping cost are high.
stainless steel wedding chair stainless steel wedding chair
The successful trader, it's no longer the way it operates. He will evaluate the local demand, analyze which products can be sold well, and which products can be sold in large quantities. He will recommend these products to customers as the main products. He will also prepare some high-priced and particularly novel products as star products for customers to choose from. . Since star products are much more expensive than mass-selling products, many customers will choose lower-priced hot-selling products. Therefore, when the hot-selling products of our store are formed, the owner will purchase these products in large quantities, make inventory, and supply emergency supplies. Customers and bulk customers for some event needs. When the shopkeeper makes inventory products and conducts bulk purchases, he can not only ask the suppliers to provide lower purchase prices, but also share the freight in terms of transportation, thereby reducing the cost from the unit price of the product and forming a larger market with his peers. The price difference is obvious, and the sales advantage is obviously prominent. In this way, customers can quickly pick up the goods and obtain lower costs.
wedding chair custom wedding chair custom
Through the above cases, it can be shown that as long as the purchase quantity is large enough, the price will have an advantage, the manufacturer will have a production volume, the raw materials purchased will be lower, and the production cost will be lower. In this way, each link saves costs, and finally forms a matching price advantage. Therefore, only when there is quantity can there be a good price. Therefore, when buyers understand these principles, they can plan and design the products you need and the main products based on local conditions, so that customers can choose products with high quality and good price.
I hope this method can help you and solve the current procurement dilemma.
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