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How to buy high-quality colored stainless steel sheet?

Back to list source: Release date: 2022-03-15 08:54:00
Colored stainless steel sheets are more and more popular with everyone, especially for interior decoration, products and furniture, etc., and they are widely used.
So how can we purchase high-quality colored stainless steel sheet products? I will share with you today...
color stainless steel decorative sheet stainless steel decorative sheet
The birthplace of colored stainless steel is located in Foshan, Guangdong, China. Foshan is an important town in the stainless steel industry, and colored stainless steel was born from this. At present, the color stainless steel is mainly thin plates for decorative applications. Due to the difficulty of processing and equipment limitations, conventional products can only be made with specifications of 1219*2438mm and 1219*3050mm, with a thickness of 0.4-1.2mm, and there are special The requirements can be customized by consultation, but limited. For unconventional ones, you need to see the specifications and thicknesses. Some of them cannot be produced if they exceed the standard limit of the production equipment.
The color of the color stainless steel sheet can be made in many colors. The conventional ones are black, gray, gold, rose gold, green, blue, brown, bronze, bronze, etc. There are also many customizable colors, and specific colors can also be provided. The board is customized.
Colored stainless steel is generally mainly made of thin plates, and some appear in the form of rolls. The form of rolls is the simplest process and low-quality products. It can produce mass production capacity, but it is not suitable for interior decoration and product applications. Too bad, it is to meet the mass production products used in different channels. Therefore, we must clearly distinguish the principle of color stainless steel sheet production in order to understand the difference in quality and application requirements.
gold mirror stainless steel sheet gold mirror HL stainless steel sheet
There are many factors related to high-quality colored stainless steel sheets. First of all, the material itself, there are many grades of materials, so the price also determines the quality of various grades. To make high-quality colored stainless steel sheets, you must choose high-quality materials. If you have no requirements for quality, you can choose ordinary materials. The second is the surface processing of stainless steel. These processing links also determine the final surface effect of the colored sheet. The processing technology includes wire drawing, mirror surface, 8k, 10k, sandblasting, etching, vibration and other processes. There are also some superposition of multiple processes, complex and simple, which also determines the price difference.
For the colored stainless steel decorative sheet, many customers do not understand and think that it is calculated by weight like the material. I now tell everyone that this is wrong and it will make you pay more. Because the material itself is not valuable, as far as the color processing technology is concerned, processing color products is about processing technology and surface creativity. It belongs to deep processing technology products. It is processed piece by piece, and the quality of each piece determines every link and technology. Level, some products may be handmade, and each product may be different. Therefore, it is impossible to calculate based on the weight of the material. Even if some salespersons quote you this way, they will be converted. The conversion will be Very large error, usually a little more price will be added when calculating. Because it is impossible for the factory to calculate by weight, it is calculated by a single piece, so everyone must understand and purchase the production of colored stainless steel sheets in order to obtain quality products that meet your needs.
color stainless steel elevator sheet color stainless steel elevator sheet
Many responsible salespersons usually answer the question of where and how the product is used, and then provide you with the corresponding product according to your situation, so as to meet your application needs. Because the market is indeed a bit messy, and products of various quality are not available to you, and sometimes misleading some bad salespersons, resulting in an imbalance between your needs and costs.
Well, with regard to purchasing high-quality colored stainless steel sheets, you should choose a big brand company to verify the relevant information of the company, including the official website, product status, whether there are rich products, the professional level of the sales staff, and some knowledge of the product to guide the procurement service. Comparing with peers, you will find the right target manufacturer for you. Pay attention to CBSA International, you will get more latest information and new products of colored stainless steel products.
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