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Why is the mirror effect of stainless steel sheet and tube different?

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Many customers do not understand why the surface gloss of sheet and steel pipe is different, and the coloring is different?
First of all, what everyone often sees is the colored stainless steel sheet, and some product steel pipes. In fact, they were completely different in the processing and production process before, so the finished surface gloss and color are different.
super 8K mirror stainless steel sheet super 8K mirror gold stainless steel sheet
The stainless steel sheet color is mechanically polished, which is what we often call 8K, 10K. Their gloss is very high, which depends on the number of polishing, but also depends on the density of the material itself. Good material, good density, The polished gloss is like a mirror effect. For example, the products of Jiuquan Steel Factory are suitable for 8K and 10K, which are currently the most high-end materials and the best materials in the world. Good materials are produced with very few impurities, high internal density, and high-density raw materials. These high-quality materials are very good for 8K and 10K, and it is easy to process high-quality mirror high-gloss products for elevator decoration and high-end hotel interior decoration.
Ordinary stainless steel plates are difficult to process, and it is very difficult to process high-quality 8K products. Even if the polishing times are many times, the ideal results cannot be achieved. That is, because ordinary materials contain many impurities and have pores, they will be polished. Small holes appear. Can not achieve the decorative effect of close distance.
color stainless steel decorative pipe color stainless steel decorative pipe
As for stainless steel pipes, they are generally used in product applications, and the requirements for use are not so high. Stainless steel pipes cannot achieve the surface quality effect of the plate, or even the mirror effect of ordinary plates. Why? First, it determines the use of raw materials, and secondly, it also determines the application area of ​​the tube.
The production of stainless steel pipe is more complicated than the production of stainless steel plate, and there are more processes. Stainless steel pipe is a product made of stainless steel plate by mechanical folding and automatic welding, which is equivalent to taking a piece of paper, rolling it into a circle, and welding it at the seam The process of polishing and polishing is automatically completed by the machine. After it comes out, it is a rough steel pipe, which is the ordinary steel pipe in our market. If polishing is needed, the surface of the steel pipe is polished again. This polishing ring connection cannot be the same as a flat plate. Polished beautifully, because the steel pipe is round and square, and repeated polishing can only reach 4K or 6K, the best is only 6K, which is the mirror-like steel pipe we usually see, but its gloss is far from The gloss of the steel plate is high, and the surface looks a little bit transparent, and it does not have the clear mirror effect of 8K. This is the difficulty and technical problem of steel pipe processing. However, there is a special-shaped polishing process that can also achieve the high-level 8K mirror effect. It uses the steel ball polishing process, which is suitable for handicrafts and smaller handicrafts. At present, these steel pipes are industrial products, so we cannot use the handicraft method. For processing.
Up to now, stainless steel pipes are used more and more widely. Many decorative furniture use these steel pipes. Good high-end furniture manufacturers will use high-quality steel pipes for the production of furniture. High-quality steel pipes can be used for polishing in post-processing. It has a very good polishing effect, that is, manual polishing by workers, and it can also polish a small area close to 8K. However, to achieve this effect, the processing cost is more expensive. Most ordinary stainless steel furniture is processed by ordinary stainless steel tubes, so if you look at the surface carefully, you can see the fuzzy luster, which cannot achieve a clear mirror effect. Therefore, it is true that every penny pays for quality.
stainless steel cabinet stainless steel wine cabinet
In stainless steel furniture, the price difference is very large, mainly due to the material, processing technology and technical level of the factory, as well as the reasons for the market competition, which leads to market chaos and uneven quality.
For some high-quality customized products of furniture, we generally optimize the design structure for those with higher requirements, and choose sheet-like product processing as much as possible, that is, simple, stylish, and capable of producing high-quality product furniture, such as The processed color sheet is processed into a small seam structure with hidden solder joints through cutting and folding technology, which can better highlight the beauty of the furniture, because we retain the high-gloss mirror effect, including the color, and the design of the furniture The perfect interpretation of leaving small seams gives the whole piece of stainless steel furniture a stronger sense of art and beautiful lines. However, this kind of furniture will be very expensive, and it may be difficult for you to see these products. These products generally appear in high-end star hotels, art centers and exhibition halls, so it is difficult for everyone to get them.
stainless steel luxury sofa  SS luxury chair
In addition, you can see that some flat stainless steel furniture, such as stainless steel decorative pieces for beds, some simple table shelves, and stainless steel decorative pieces for sofas, will all be made of colorful stainless steel plates.
Well, for more about mirror-finished stainless steel sheets and steel pipes, you can pay attention to the relevant columns on the CBSA International website, and we will definitely find the products you need.
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