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What is the difference between colored stainless steel sheet and stainless steel decorative profiles

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Color stainless steel sheet is a stainless steel sheet for surface processing to form a variety of colored stainless steel sheets with different styles and textures. It is mainly used for indoor and outdoor wall decoration, product processing applications, and belongs to the most valuable new category of stainless steel products. .

Stainless steel profiles, in the early days, everyone thought that they were some standard channel steel products, which were used to support building materials. But the stainless steel profiles we are talking about here refer to decorative profiles. The full name should be called stainless steel decorative profiles. It is used in interior decoration, such as ceiling U-shaped strips, wall T-shaped strips, tile edge strips, door covers and other profiles. This type of wood is mainly used for decoration.

So, what is the difference between colored stainless steel sheet and stainless steel decorative profile, and where is the difference? Now I will explain it to everyone. Color stainless steel sheet is a semi-finished product in application. It needs to be processed into various specifications or shapes before it can be used. It is not a finished product. This shows that it must be processed in a professional processing plant before it can be used at the factory. It belongs to color Stainless steel plates belong to materials used for decorative processing. The stainless steel profile is a finished product. It is directly applied to the construction site and interior decoration space. It only needs to be simply cut according to the length of use. It does not need to be processed by a professional manufacturer. Therefore, it is a customized stainless steel product for decoration. Profiles, it can be colorless or colored, customized according to user needs, and there are many specifications and shapes, customization is relatively flexible, and it is very convenient to customize as many as needed. The difference between colored stainless steel sheets and stainless steel decorative profiles is that they are used in different forms. The colored stainless steel sheets are mainly used for surface decoration. They are used for ceiling or large-area wall decoration, especially the golden stainless steel sheet, which reflects the luxurious atmosphere and grade. The decoration style is applied in high-end restaurants, banquet halls, hotel lobbies, luxurious living rooms, presidential suites, commercial art spaces and other sound places. Stainless steel decorative profiles are mainly used for ceiling line decoration, highlighting the interior positioning of the interior space, image wall bun decoration, soft package layering, mainly set off, stylish decoration effect. The ceramic tiles on the wall and ground are trimmed, which is extraordinarily beautiful, playing a protective and safe decoration effect.

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