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What is the difference between stainless steel decorative door frames and decorative profiles?

Back to list source: Release date: 2022-06-30 11:33:44
Stainless steel decorative door frames are actually a kind of decorative profiles, but decorative door frames or doors and windows are produced in a customized way and customized according to actual needs. Decorative profiles are industry-standardized and relatively standardized profiles, which are mainly used for interior line and edge decoration applications.
gold stainless steel door frame rose gold stainless steel door frame
Stainless steel door frames and window frames are the same type of products, which are customized according to various design requirements. Because the standards of each country, each building, and each region are different, it needs to be customized according to the actual design drawings, so as to ensure that More beautiful to use. According to the aesthetic requirements and design schemes of various places, high-end products are generally black, gold, and rose gold, and are used in hotels, restaurants, homes, commercial stores and other places.
SS glass door frame hotel SS glass door frame
The stainless steel decorative profiles are mainly decorated with lines, including T-shaped, U-shaped, C-shaped, which are more commonly used, and include many standard specifications, such as T6, T8, T10, T12, T16, T20, T25, etc., U-shaped There are also many specifications for the channel, including U3, U6, U8, U10, U12, U16, U20, U25, etc. There are also some special specifications, which need to be customized for production. The above are all decorative profiles, which are not used for doors and windows. The production principle is roughly the same. Decorative profiles are mainly used in indoor ceiling decoration, wall decoration, floor tiles, etc.
SS profile hotel wall application SS profile hotel wall application
SS U profile SS T profile
In fact, the above two profiles are all made of colored sheets through cutting, folding and planing, but according to different uses, the production requirements are different. If you are interested in this kind of stainless steel products, you can pay attention to CBSA International. The station has collected a large number of product processing methods and space application effects, which can help you to understand and order.
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