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Introduction of stainless steel furniture processing process

Back to list source: Release date: 2022-03-31 09:52:44
The production process of stainless steel furniture includes material selection -> sheet metal processing -> surface treatment. These three steps are all the current mainstream stainless steel furniture will go through. The selection of materials includes the selection of raw material models according to the customer's budget and actual use. Sheet metal processing includes the processing of all stainless steel parts of stainless steel furniture. Surface treatment is done by mirror, wire drawing, titanium plating, and bronze. Make the stainless steel surface more beautiful. In particular, rose gold, titanium gold, green bronze, and black titanium are the three types that are often used in the processing of stainless steel furniture.
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Detailed introduction of stainless steel furniture production process:
1. The first is the selection of materials

Stainless steel plates have many different specifications from material to thickness to surface, among which stainless steel furniture mainly adopts 201 and 304. Among them, the price of 304 is more expensive, but the surface is brighter and the corrosion resistance is stronger. In short, it is more beautiful and durable. Usually, high-end stainless steel furniture will choose 304 stainless steel. 201 is worse, but stainless steel can also be used for five or six years if the environment is not particularly humid. As for the thickness, the thicker the better, too thick will be particularly bulky, and the price will be high, which is not necessary for furniture, so choosing the right thickness is the most important. As for the surface, there are two kinds of mirror surface and wire drawing. The mirror surface is a kind of effect that makes the stainless steel surface look like a mirror, and the wire drawing has a lot of fine lines and looks very beautiful.

2. Sheet metal processing

This link involves a lot of processing, and pipes are used if necessary. Some arc or round hollow stainless steel furniture needs to be cut and bent on the pipe to ensure that the hollow plate can be welded on it. If it is not needed, the stainless steel plate is made into the desired keel, U-shaped groove and L-shaped groove by shearing, grooving and bending. The reason for this is that many hollow stainless steel furniture needs to be fixed with hollow stainless steel plates, and the fixed position is the part of these sheet metal processing. After processing, welding and grinding of stainless steel plates, tubes, bars and flat steel, very beautiful stainless steel furniture is produced.

3. Titanium plating, old bronze, plastic spray

This part is mainly aimed at the processing of stainless steel furniture surfaces with different colors. For example, rose gold, titanium gold, black titanium and champagne gold that many people like are formed on the surface of stainless steel furniture by titanium plating. Old bronze is to form a layer of retro colors such as green bronze and red bronze on the surface of stainless steel furniture. Usually, many Chinese furniture use this color. The most commonly used for plastic spraying is white and black, forming a layer of sandblasting effect on the surface.
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Well, if you want to know more details and technical problems of stainless steel products, please write to us, we will answer you in detail, and have the opportunity to visit our factory in Foshan, China. Follow CBSA International, you will get more updated product information and trendy new products.
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