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What is PVD sheet finished?

Back to list source: Release date: 2021-04-08 11:14:47
pvd sheet is a color plating process for stainless steel sheet. Color stainless steel decorative sheets are generally plated with PVD process to achieve the best color and durability.
What is PVD sheet finished?
The PVD process is a coloring method that undergoes vacuum ion reduction. Its coloring accuracy is high, it is not easy to decolor and fade, and it is not easy to oxidize. It is durable and has a longer service life. At present, there are many stainless steel decorative sheets that are colored by this process, and it is also the most commonly used coloring process.
PVD sheet is often used in interior decoration space, which plays a very good decorative effect. PVD sheet can be processed and bent at will, and can be painted in various colors as needed. The most commonly used colors are gold, rose, blue, green, brown, black and so on.
rose gold pvd sheet
The biggest advantage of PVD sheet is that it has bright colors, rich colors, can be customized in various colors, environmentally friendly production, never fade, strong oxidation resistance, long service life and other characteristics.
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