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What are the types of colored stainless steel sheet?

Back to list source: Release date: 2020-11-26 09:43:28
With the continuous development of stainless steel in the decoration industry, it is also because of the special characteristics of stainless steel that stainless steel decorative sheet are more and more widely used in the decoration industry. The application range is so large that colored stainless steel plates are used for decoration on foreign buildings. For example, : Most of the wall decorative panels will use titanium gold stainless steel plate, stainless steel carved plate, stainless steel etching plate, etc.! As small as our home stainless steel cabinets, bathroom cabinets, balcony cabinets, wardrobes, shower rooms and more! We know that there is such a wide range of applications, so what do we know about its types? First we can analyze from the dimension of craftsmanship!

1. Stainless steel plating process:
         We know that stainless steel can be plated according to the different effects of decoration after processing. The common ones are: rose gold; yellow titanium: champagne gold; black titanium; sapphire blue. These colored stainless steel plates are mostly used in large hotel lobby, engineering, elevator door cars, etc.

2. Stainless steel water plating process:
         The chemical reduction reaction is performed on the reducing agent in the plating solution in an aqueous solution without relying on an external power source. A method for continuously reducing metal ions on an autocatalytic surface to form a metal plating layer. It is very common to have black titanium plated with water, of which black titanium plated with mirror, brushed, printed, etc.!

3. Stainless blasting process:
         The colored stainless steel sand blasting board uses zircon beads and mechanical equipment to process the surface of the stainless steel plate. The surface is a fine bead-like sand surface, electroplated and colored, and has a special decorative effect.

4.Stainless steel etching process:
         The colored stainless steel etching plate is a mirror plate, a wire drawing plate, and a sandblasting plate as the bottom plate. It chemically acts on the surface and etches various patterns.
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