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How can we deliver the finished products to customers safely?

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We are very grateful for every order from customers, no matter how big or small, we attach great importance to a link, that is, safe transportation.Only by safe transportation can the goods be safely delivered to customers.
Export Standard Packing Export Standard Packing
No matter what the product is, when we receive the order from the customer.We started planning for packing and shipping.When the product is ready, the packaging is also determined. This can save more time. So that customers can receive the goods safely and smoothly as soon as possible.
Export Standard Packing Packaging and loading effect.
In the design of packaging, we will combine different products to carry out the corresponding packaging. And meet export standards. In this way, it can not only transport safely, but also make customers worry.Generally speaking, we use fumigated solid wood to make wooden boxes, which can better ensure the safety of products and not be damaged.Because in our view, it is not only in the process of making products to pay attention to the quality of products, but also in the design and transportation of packaging.Therefore, every time the production of products is completed, we will customize the standard wooden boxes for export.Safety is the primary goal of everything.Ensure that all products reach their destination safely.So customers don't need to worry too much.Especially for some new customers, the first cooperation. In fact, we have cooperated countless times in various countries and regions around the world.Packaging damage and product breakage have never occurred.We believe that service is the first, do a good job of products, do a good job of packaging and safe delivery to the destination, is our important service.
Packaging and loading effect. Packaging and loading effect.
You can take a look at our packaging pictures.I believe you don't have to worry about the transportation problem in the future. We've thought of everything for you.If some products with super-large specifications are ordered, we will inform them in advance that they need to be assembled or spliced.With your consent and confirmation, we will start production.At the same time, we will review your order in combination with production technology and other issues. If some products have technical problems and need to be improved, our design team will make corresponding plans in advance and provide them to you for review.We will ensure that every order is produced in good condition. Meet your design standards.
Crane container loading. Crane container loading.
Trust CBSA International.It has a lot of experience in overseas orders.You don't need to worry too much, just leave the important and troublesome work to us.We will do everything for you.Look forward to working with you.
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