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How to apply colored stainless steel

Back to list source: Release date: 2023-11-25 15:17:28
The application of colored stainless steel is mainly divided into indoor and outdoor applications. Most of them are used for interior decoration, modifying the beauty of space and assisting in interior functional partition decoration.
colored stainless steel decorative sheet interior application colored stainless steel decorative sheet outdoor application
So how to use the indoor and outdoor applications of colored stainless steel sheets? To understand the indoor and outdoor applications, you must understand the manufacturing process of colored stainless steel in order to use it correctly and enhance the durability and surface decoration effect.
Colored stainless steel is mostly used indoors. The main processes are colors produced by electroplating; colors produced by baking paint; colors produced by surface coating processes; and colors produced by water-based chemical plating. These are used in interior decoration and can maintain the desired color effect for a long time. Therefore, if everyone understands the process of colored stainless steel, they can be creative in design and combine the design requirements with purchasing to make appropriate and effective purchases or customized production.
interior application for stainless steel decorative sheet colored SS application for outdoor frame
Another outdoor application of colored stainless steel, its process is relatively simple, mainly considering the durability and sustainability of the process and extending its service life. It generally uses water-based paint made of highly corrosion-resistant materials, which is different from ordinary paint. Anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, not afraid of water, high temperature resistance and other characteristics, this kind of material is generally not sold on the market. It is developed by the manufacturer itself, and ordinary manufacturers do not have it. Only companies with professional research and development can do these things. After all, it is not widely used and has very little demand. This material is not called paint. Some manufacturers call it nano-antioxidant material, and some call it anodic antioxidant paint. Therefore, for designers who use it outdoors, this is a new material that needs to be customized and the price is much more expensive than ordinary ones. The key is that it has not yet been sold.
gold SS sheet interior application interior home SS screen
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