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How to install color stainless steel water ripple decorative sheet

Back to list source: Release date: 2023-06-21 10:42:25
Colored stainless steel decorative sheet are widely used in indoor hotels. It is widely used in wall decoration and ceiling applications.
Many construction teams do not understand how to install.Today, I will share with you how to install stainless steel decorative panels for walls and ceilings?
color stainless steel decoration sheet application color stainless steel decoration sheet application
In recent years, color stainless steel decorative panels have been widely used in hotels.This new type of color stainless steel decorative sheet.It has a unique decorative effect, especially the golden mirror.There are also stainless steel sheets that add some texture and concave-convex feeling to the surface.And that decorative effect is more prominent. Attract more consumers to come and watch.
So how to install these decorative panels during construction?Today, I would like to share a few methods with you.
The first method is to make a carpenter's base board in front of it. And then that stainless steel thin plate is adhere to the base plate through the super glue.Of course, you need to cut these plates according to the effect of the design, the size you want.
Stainless steel construction site Stainless steel construction site
The second method is to make the decorative board into the effect of honeycomb belt integration in advance.In this way, it can be directly attached to the wall or fixed with rivets. It is equivalent to the effect of ordinary ceiling device.This installation method is simple and easy to operate, but the cost is relatively high.
The 3rd kind of method is to go up in the wall namely or the installation keel is done on smallpox.Then the decorative board is made into a standardized integrated board in the factory. The size of this integrated board can be customized according to the design requirements. This will be more beautiful and personalized. It can also be made into a normal standard 800 X 800. This is a universal integrated board.In order to be more personalized, it is suggested to adopt the effect of professional design to highlight the sense of design.
Stainless steel shaped design and installation. Application effect of stainless steel water ripple
The method can be applied to the decoration and installation of various color stainless steel decorative sheets in indoor space.Because the cutting and manufacturing of colored stainless steel are relatively difficult. It is suggested to find a factory to directly process the finished products and send them to the site for installation.This not only ensures the design effect of the installation, but also highlights the perfect decoration of the application.If you have any installation details that you don't understand, you can consult us.If you are interested in colored stainless steel decor or have any interior decorating project needs.You can find us at CBSA International.We will provide you with diversified installation services and technical guidance.More decoration cases, please pay attention to CBSA international.
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