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From a light extravagant, stainless steel metal decorative strips

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From a light extravagant, stainless steel metal decorative strips
the plaster line is more than the metal decorative line for the metal decoration line for the modern commercial housing with high high-spirited. The metal decorative line has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion, surface finish, water resistance, scratch resistance, and cold and warm removal. In recent years, it has been widely designed and applied to all kinds of home improvement and tooling. Become a very bright high-grade decorative film.
The anodized processes are used in the processing of the surface process, improved corrosion resistance, enhanced wear resistance, and hardness, protect the metal surface, and the like. In the modern, light luxury or new Chinese style, the common metal lines are used in the block, so that the board of the board, in the visual effect, like the pen in the hand of the painter, often can pull out the smart
stainless steel T profile  stainless steel T profile
01 [Color Type]
Metal strips are all colors, and there is a wall decoration, a ceiling embellishment. There are also many materials, aluminum alloy lines, copper lines, stainless steel lines, which requires which materials need to be used. Due to the relationship of the material, its corrosion resistance is very strong, resistant to effective low-end air, water, steam and other weak corrosion media. There is also a lot of shape, such as planar lines, T-strips, U-slots, or other heterogeneous shapes. In fact, the material cost is very cheap, the construction is more troublesome, and the construction is relatively high, so general price is expensive than the labor cost, not material.
interior design for SS profile interior design for SS profile
02 [Bedroom Application]
Stainless steel decorative strip is often used as an inner corner line, outer angle line, waist line, frame line, embedded line, pressure side strip, etc. in indoor and outdoor decoration. Decorative lines are highlighted or inlaid on the walls of the wall, adding some horizontally or vertical lines to the wall, adding three-dimensional effects for the wall. Bedroom ceiling with metal strips inlaid, wall background with different sizes of lines, echoing with top, nor to make the wall feel monotonous.
SS profile for decorative wall  SS profile for decorative wall
03 [Ceiling Wall]
Metal decorative lines are commonly used in top and wall, lines, single block space, show multivariate visual elements, highlight the level. Whether it is embedded or expressed metal decorative lines, it can play the balance of the line in the space, and the longitudinal is high, and the horizontal is wide. The color stainless steel strip has excellent processing performance, color diversification and good safety, which can fully adapt to a variety of complex shapes, and can process various types of curve lines, gaining the architect Only correctly understand, understand and reasonably choose color stainless steel decorative strip materials, to achieve its own use, satisfaction, to ensure quality, discrete, and beautiful effects.
SS for door application indoor wall application for SS
04 [Material
Selection] Stainless steel decorative strips include 201,304 and other models, silver, rose gold, champagne gold, black steel, titanium, bronze and other different colors. The advantages of the decoration of stainless steel decorative lines are also a wild, color choices, and metal texture will add a lot of decoration. Of course, it is generally necessary to choose 304. Light luxury lines, simple and generous.

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