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What is the difference between custom and non-custom?

Back to list source: Release date: 2022-08-09 13:53:35
When many customers purchase stainless steel furniture, they always ask if they are in stock, I want a small amount...
In fact, this is not surprising, because everyone does not have a deep understanding of customization. Today, I will break down the difference between customized furniture and non-customized furniture. This refers to the stainless steel luxury furniture series.
gold stainless steel luxury sofa stainless steel morden chair
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of everyone's economic level, the procurement requirements for furniture have become more and more strict, and there are also higher requirements for the appearance design of products.
For colored stainless steel furniture, it belongs to light luxury furniture, that is, home decoration. It can not only be used daily, but also has a decorative effect, attracting the attention of many young people.
Because of the decorative effect of the appearance of stainless steel furniture, although the demand is not large, the individual requirements will be higher. Therefore, they cannot constitute inventory production, and can only accept customized services. First, because the processing and material prices of stainless steel fluctuate greatly, and the cost is high; second, the individualization is serious, and the needs of each customer are different, so it is difficult for manufacturers to stock these products. , can only be mass-produced according to the order, and the dealer can prepare a small amount of inventory according to the local demand.
Stainless steel furniture, for conventional products, general-purpose products, the dealer will prepare some stocks, such as general-purpose tables, chairs, coffee tables, side tables, combing tables and other standardized products, but these products are unified in style, not too attractive. Therefore, some merchants are looking to customize some personalized and hot-selling products. These products are often in low demand and cannot be stocked, so they become customized products. Customers can order as much as they want, and the price of customized products is relatively high. High, but all the above stainless steel furniture, for the factory, are customized products, mainly because the cost is high, the inventory cannot be prepared, and the price and materials fluctuate greatly. Therefore, customization has become the only procurement standard for manufacturers.
stainless steel luxury dining table set stainless steel luxury office table set
Non-customized, that is, so general products, everyone likes, hot selling, through styles, that is, the old ones. At present, there are very few non-customized products for manufacturers. Now the main popular products are personalized trend products. Only a small number of businesses will prepare some.
Customized products are produced in batches. For personalized production, it takes 15-30 days of production time. Merchant customers need to wait. It takes at least 1-2 months for overseas merchants to receive the goods, or longer. Therefore, if you need to purchase such customized products, you need to plan ahead, establish a purchase list according to the local market demand, and provide quotations and consulting services to manufacturers.
stainless steel wedding chair stainless steel dining chair
Well, the difference between custom and non-custom stainless steel furniture is difficult to break down here. If you are interested in colored stainless steel furniture, please pay attention to CBSA International, or check the official website for more new products.
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